Apple Industries

Apple Industries is always engineering new, innovative photo booths to add to their classic, award-winning product line. They design unique photo booths for event planners, route operators, location owners and consumers. With nearly 50 years of experience in the pay for play amusement industry, Apple Industries has become the leading photo booth manufacturer in the world, and has built the most popular, profitable line of photo booths ever.

Apple has created revolutionary Smile 2.0 technology that allows consumers to print and share photos directly from the booth to social networks. For the first time ever, customers can share their photos and videos with friends and family by instantly uploading to Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mailing directly from the photo booth. Apple Industries’ leading photo booth products include Face Place, Marvel Adventure Lab and more.

Face Place provides photo booths for today’s consumers as well as event planners, route operators, location owners from shopping malls to bars, restaurants and amusement parks.

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