A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.


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“I put a new arcade into my first trampoline park just over four years ago.  It far exceeded my expectations.  Betson was incredibly professional and helpful as we were first-time arcade owners. They helped us to figure out the correct mix for our customer base.  The investment was profitable from the first month.  I now own four parks and I put in the arcades within three months of purchasing the three new stores.  They are also outperforming projections. I appreciate the support of the entire Betson team.”

Elizabeth Kramer, President, CEO and Managing Partner, Envista Group

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“Adding vending machines to a location can sometimes be an afterthought, but we have seen significant profits with the BevMAX MEDIA. It reduces wait time from traditional concession stands and offers a variety of beverages. Including the credit card option helps customers buy more products and enhances sales. Working with Betson and their wide range of product offerings allowed us to think about the floor plan more broadly and find new profit centers like vending machines.”

Janine Hieb, Owner, Wheels of Thunder

“We have been nothing but impressed with our representation and overall professionalism. Where Betson really shines is when we need parts. Not only do they provide outstanding technical support, but they also get the parts to us quickly!”

David Dimberio, Owner/President, Combat Ops Arena

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“Our favorite part of the experience working with Betson was that they provided us with a blueprint and the top revenue games/redemption. After doubling revenue in just 2 weeks in July, I can’t wait to see what a full season will do!”

Susan Novotny, Owner, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

“Betson did a great job of pre-planning out space from where we needed to place power outlets, to the number of machines, to determining the best layout for all the machines with room to grow and change into the future.”

Todd Beebe, General Manager, Rancho Mission Viejo

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“We came to recognize that we were getting better and additional services from Betson. We also felt that we were getting excellent and honest advice from our sales rep when evaluating purchases. Working with Betson has helped us to gain the trust of our company’s owners and as a result helped lead to more investment in our area, in turn creating stronger revenues.”

Rick A. Klinghagen, Director of Adventure Forest, Wilderness at the Smokies

“The game room has been, by far, the leading revenue generator of our new renovation. The Betson staff really did an outstanding job of game selection and room layout, our customers have given rave reviews. Betson staff has continued to visit our business to review game sales and make recommendations on how to increase game revenues. It’s the kind of service we have come to really appreciate from Brian and the Betson staff.”

Gary Richards, Owner, Stardust Entertainment Center

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“Damon, our sales representative was instrumental in the process of selecting the right games for our facility and setting price points. Our customers really enjoy our game room and it provides us with a good revenue opportunity.”

Tim Metheny, IT Manager, Parrot Cove Water Park

“Our sales rep was confident and able to help design a plan based off our needs and space. We could not have made it to the starting gate without Steve’s help.”

Dan Bullert, VP – Hotel Operations, Stein Eriksen Lodge

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“My sales rep is very straight forward when discussing new equipment purchases and will tell me straight whether a piece I am considering is a good earner or not. Our delivery guy is one of the best I have ever seen and goes above and beyond to help us.”

Scott Helstrom, Gamers Garage General Manager, Cohn Restaurant Group

“We had used multiple game providers on a previous project at our other center (Betson being one of those providers). Through that experience, we decided they could deliver us the whole package when it came to setting up our new game zone. They delivered when it came to figuring out the right game mix, the layout of the games, and having things done in a timely manner.”

Corey Krauss, Seminole Lanes

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“I have been in the amusement industry since 1981 and have been doing business with Betson Enterprise for as long as I can remember. Betson has the most consistent customer service from top to bottom for parts, sales, and service in the industry. I feel that Betson always has my best interests in mind when it comes to sales. They understand my needs and always exceed my expectations. I could not recommend a better company to partner with in the amusement industry.”

Phil Santucci, Owner, Vince’s Sports Center

“We greatly benefited from Betson’s expertise and experience in selecting the games and planning the location of the games within the arcade area. Our representative, Brian Conway, has provided great advice during the entire process and continues to be a valued adviser as we continually strive to improve our game room experience. Though we have only been operating the game room for about 4 months, our overall center revenue has more than doubled.”

Jeff Forman, Escape

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“Thank god for Betson and their exceptional team and everything they’ve helped us with from conception to funding, to support and guidance! Without them, we can honestly say Scary Strokes would not exist today and not be successful and the “HIT” that we currently are in our area. Each step of the way from the drawing boards, to the actual install, Betson has provided the utmost support and guidance and helped us figure out a way to assist us in making Scary Strokes go from dream and concept to reality.”

Doug Roth, CEO, Scary Strokes

“We would sincerely like to thank Mike for all of the help and support in making Hoopla’s Family Fun and Grill a reality and a huge success. We would never be where we are without all those long phone calls, emails, and meetings. We were always able to rely on Mike to help us with anything. The hours spent on the selection and placement of the new equipment was incredible, and the days spent on-site before opening. Betson is very fortunate to have Mike as part of their team. His professionalism and knowledge of the industry is extraordinary.”

Robert & Marlee Roles, Owners, Hoopa’s Family Fun and Grill

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“Apex Entertainment’s decision to add an arcade to our brand-new family entertainment center was one of the best choices we could have made. Betson helped create and make our vision come true. With their expertise, we were able to open one of the largest arcades in the area, resulting in a top-grossing attraction out of seven attractions in our facility. We truly appreciate Betson’s professionalism, attention to detail, and knowledge. Without them, we would not be as successful as we are today!”

Apex Entertainment

“The service and personal attention we received from Betson and Scott was exceptional from start to finish. They are truly a very professional organization. Their knowledge of the marketplace along with the game selection and layout services they recommended was right on target. Initially, we were very skeptical about placing merchandisers and cranes in our location. But after we spoke with Scott he reassured us of the importance of these games to the future of our business. We are very glad that we followed his advice since today they are the core of our business. We are very pleased with their services and look forward to a long and profitable relationship.”

Bob Amoruso, Owner, Long Island Adventureland

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“When Dollywood decided to invest in our arcade business, we took our time and spoke with a number of vendors. The choice to go with Betson was an easy one. Scott and his team listened to what we wanted, researched the best fit for our facilities, and developed a number of options for us to choose from. The result was a tremendous success. Set up, return on investment, and ongoing support after the sale have exceeded my expectations. We look forward to continuing to work with Betson in the future.”

Eddie Kinder, Amusements Supervisor, Dollywood

“Scott has been instrumental in the support and services that he provides. He has taken the time to research and learn my business so that he can recommend the correct products which would give us the best ROI. Even after the sale and installation were complete, he continues to communicate with us and focus on our future business development. Scott has worked hard and has earned my respect.”

Bob Harzer, Casino Beach Pier, LLC

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