NHL Photoma Photo Strip

NHL Photoma

Score big in your NHL themed photo booth.

Score Big Time Fan Engagement with Apple Industries’ PHOTOMA NHL Photo Booths.

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Get ready to unleash the ultimate fan experience with Apple Industries’ officially licensed NHL PHOTOMA photo booths.

Fully Customizable for Maximum Fan Frenzy:

PHOTOMA lets you completely customize the experience with location-specific branding or the colors and logos of your customers’ favorite NHL teams. Imagine the excitement of fans stepping into a photo booth decked out in their team’s gear, surrounded by familiar logos and imagery. It’s instant immersion that elevates photo-taking to a whole new level of fan engagement.

Prime Locations for Photo Fun:

PHOTOMA thrives in the heart of the action. Picture it:

  • Sports stadiums: Capture game-day memories outside the arena, letting fans commemorate their victory roars or commiserate with a lighthearted souvenir.
  • Fan stores: Create a buzz within your store, attracting customers with the promise of a unique photo op that becomes the perfect team spirit memento.
  • Sports viewing areas: Turn your bar or restaurant into the ultimate hangout spot. PHOTOMA becomes the centerpiece of game-day gatherings, encouraging friendly competition and social sharing.
  • Arenas: Add a fun and interactive element to concourses and other high-traffic areas, giving fans a break from the game and a chance to create lasting memories.

Recurring Revenue Meets Superfan Satisfaction:

PHOTOMA isn’t just a crowd-pleaser; it’s a profit powerhouse. Sell custom-branded photo strips directly from the machine, generating a steady stream of revenue that grows with your fan base. Plus, the fun, shareable nature of the experience keeps fans coming back for more, building loyalty and boosting repeat business.

Beyond the Game, Beyond the Souvenir:

PHOTOMA isn’t just about capturing moments. It’s about creating a connection between fans, their teams, and the locations they love. It’s about turning game day into an all-encompassing experience filled with laughter, friendly competition, and lasting memories.

By creating a compelling and informative product page, you can show potential customers exactly why PHOTOMA is the ultimate game-changer for fan engagement and recurring revenue. So, unleash the fan frenzy and watch your business score big with Apple Industries’ PHOTOMA NHL photo booths!

General Features
  • Active Segmentation
  • Touch Screen Navigation
  • Faceplace Dye-Sub Printing System
  • Customize Borders & Backgrounds
  • Captures Photos on Flash Drive
  • Customer Logos on Product
  • Fun Filters
  • Film Capacity: 700 Vends Per Roll
Theme Packages
  • 4×6 Photos
  • Color Photo Strips
  • Black & White Photo Strips
  • Fun Scenes & Borders
Remote Monitoring
  • Earnings information
  • Proactive Maintenance alerts
  • Unit Management
  • (All available through Back Office)
Social Media Integration
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • (All available through OOBE)

Product Specifications

Set-up Dimensions:

L 70" W 32" H 83"
Weight: 809lbs