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International Arcade Sales

Betson has the resources, relationships, and reach to handle any size international order. Our expert international sales staff is experienced in selling products on every continent and understands the needs of our international clients, including Canada.

With decades of experience in the international markets, Betson can help with every facet of your arcade business, regardless of location.

Whether freight consolidation, layout, design, optimized transport options, or extended credit terms, Betson can save you time and money with your global shipments.

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Freight Consolidation Made Easy

Betson represents all major manufacturers and can consolidate international freight shipments to maximize your purchase dollars. So, whether ordering one game or one hundred games, Betson’s experienced export team can help fulfill your international equipment orders.

As a service, we provide our customers tracking, customs brokerage, and import compliance services along with competitive ocean/air transport rates for all-size shipments. Additionally, we can handle all paperwork, insurance, customs documentation, and declaration requirements to ensure a smooth and safe transaction every time.

The Benefits of Working With Our Global Amusement Sales Team

  • No minimum orders—ship one piece of equipment or multiples— we never require you to fill an entire shipping container.
  • Our in-house private financial service team can offer extended payment options to qualified international customers.
  • We offer new and used equipment, helping you manage costs while diversifying your game room.
  • We are an OEM parts provider and authorized service center for all the equipment we sell.
  • Order parts online 24/7 for shipment to minimize downtime and stay profitable.
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Connect With Our International Sales Team

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