Faceplace Deluxe Outdoor Photo Booth

Keep out the damp, wet weather…

Why not go outside?  The Outdoor Photo Booth is the world’s most interactive outdoor photo booth! It’s waterproof, windproof, and can withstand the elements! Now, you can earn revenue in your outdoor locations!

Item Number: 025587N


Rain or shine, profits pour in: Introducing the Outdoor Photo Booth!

Keep out the damp, wet weather… that’s what the Faceplace Outdoor Photo Booth is all about. It’s big and showy, with its striking blue and yellow eye-catching color scheme, and meant for outdoor locations like large theme parks, water parks, go-cart tracks, family-oriented mini-golfs, and recreational areas. It features water-resistant credit card swipes, water-resistant bill acceptors, a water-deflective roof, and other water-resistant measures that ensure the safety of outdoor use.

Monetize outdoor space with the Faceplace Outdoor Photo Booth. It can go anywhere. Packed with all of the features of the Smile 2.0 Network, you can also run advertisements on the external monitor—an ideal way to promote your brand, products, and photo booth services.

General Features
  • Touch Screen Navigation
  • Upload Photos and Videos to Social Media
  • Customize Borders & Backgrounds
  • Customer Logos on Product
  • DBA & Stacker (optional)
  • Credit/Debit Card Capability (standard)
Theme Packages
  • 4×6 Photos
  • Black & White Photo Strips
  • Color Photo Strips
  • Face Replacements
  • Fun Borders
  • Hair Styles
  • Holiday Borders
  • Passport Style Photos
Remote Control Auditing System
  • Audit Reports Remote Monitoring
Social Media Integration
  • Email Capable
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Product Specifications

Dimensions: L 94" W 56" H 92"
Weight: 950lbs
Volts 120~VAC / Hz 60 / Amps 3.5
Film Capacity: 600 Vends per Roll

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