A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.


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Birthday University Virtual Masters Degree

December 1, 2020 – December 4, 2020

Birthday University has toured internationally for many years and successfully trained thousands of owners, managers, supervisors, marketing/sales and party hosts in business of remarkable and profitable birthday party programs. There is no other program as complete as and more important to the success of your family entertainment or leisure business than this. Get your Virtual Masters Degree in December. Live stream access on Zoom Registration for $200 or by Sponsor scholarship invitation. Take charge of your destiny!
  • Event Type: Virtual Seminar
  • Event Date: December 1st – 4th, 2020
  • Event Venue: Online
  • Event Website: Birthday University 2020
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Foundations Roadshow – Virtual

January 20, 2021 – January 21, 2021

Foundations Entertainment University is a comprehensive educational seminar program covering all aspects of market & financial feasibility, planning, design, financing, development, marketing, and managing a location-based entertainment business for long-term success. Project types covered include family entertainment centers (FECs), bowling, laser tag, children’s entertainment and edutainment, play cafes, entertainment, hybrid cinemas, trampoline parks, roller skating centers, small amusement parks, and many others.

Prior to the virtual event, Foundations is going “safely” on the road!  We are going to document in detail the journey of 2 new entertainment center operators and the process they have gone through to open in this new world.  The event will be virtual with each day detailing one of the entertainment centers.
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