A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

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A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

Need a Part?

FEC Success Starts Here

As game room specialists, we know how much detail it takes to build a family entertainment center. Our amusement consultants use a phased approach to guide you through the process and ensure you get the support you need at every stage. In addition, our in-house, private financing helps you make this dream a reality with custom options to meet your specific business need.

We can work with any size space offering full turnkey solutions that include everything from CAD designs to logistics, installation and post analysis. We also provide a range of financing options, parts and service. We are more than a one-stop shop for your family entertainment center; we are your partner, always working for your success.

For families, a game room is still a good entertainment value for the dollar. I think what is most exciting is how arcades have evolved — with a FEC, families can go to one venue for bowling, dining, arcade games, trampolines and more. When you start a family entertainment center, you are selling fun. The amusement business is a good investment.”

– Dave Sexton, Director of FEC Development

Location Based Amusement Solutions


Imagine It – Phase One – Planning

Layout & Design:

Our FEC experts will help you chose the optimal game mix, and then create CAD designs of your game room to show the ideal placement and performance of each game. CAD drawings include an electrical overlay to help you design the room correctly from the start, and take into account other amusements you may incorporate.

Objective Game Selection:

We help you select games based on your location’s specific demographic needs. We only recommend “best of breed” new, used, and soon to be released equipment.

Financing Options:

Plan how to best finance your FEC with Betson Financial Services. We offer customers competitive interest rates, lease options, financing deals, and extended terms. Our customized programs include deferred and seasonal payments to match your specific business needs.

Site Surveys:

Our installation team conducts a site survey to help identify installation challenges well before your install date.

Things we look for include:

hard to reach places, ceiling restrictions and small doorways, stairs and elevators, and location installation timing parameters. With this information, we can find creative ways to avoid any potential challenges with your installation.

Achieve It – Phase Two – Implementation

“White Glove” Installation:

We offer full installation services for any size space, whether one game or 100+. Our experienced team of technical experts will address all your needs from card reader installs to price per play settings. Learn more about our white glove installation.

Technician Training:

We want to make sure you can troubleshoot any equipment issues your games have so you can keep them running. We provide on-site technical training so you can handle equipment issues when they arise.

Grand Opening Assurance:

One of the experienced technicians that helped with your install will be there for you at your grand opening to provide extra support and ensure all your games are running smoothly.

Enjoy It – Phase Three – Optimization

Wellness Program:

Our job is not done after the grand opening. As your partner, we want to make sure your FEC continues operating profitably. Our Wellness Program includes periodic reviews of game room performance. The analysis focuses on game selection, price per play, and ticket settings to make sure you are maximizing both profits and the customer experience.

Dedicated Customer Service:

We assign a dedicated customer service representative to your account in order to provide better service and expedite all of your customer service requests.

Exchange Program:

If a game we recommended isn’t performing as you would like, you have 60 days from purchase to exchange it (applies to one in every ten games).

Warranty Assurance:

Betson represents all major manufacturers and honors all standard warranties.

Advance Replacement:

We have more than $1M in parts inventory exclusively set aside for our parts exchange program to help service your equipment quickly. When you need to have equipment serviced, we send you a refurbished component to exchange with the defective item needed to repair your machine, thus keeping your game functioning.

On-Going Financial Offers:

We provide creative financial offerings such as stop-n-go lease specials, 0% interest programs, aggressive trade-in options and more to keep your game room fresh and up-to-date for years to come.


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