A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

AMS Touchless by Vagabond

AMS Touchless by Vagabond
Welcome to Touchless Vending

Consumers interact with the touchless vending machine using the vīv app (available at the App Store or Google Play Store) to make purchases.

Item Number: 026967N
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Welcome to Touchless Vending

AMS and Vagabond have partnered to deliver the AMS Touchless, the world’s first truly touchless vending machine. Take advantage of vīv, our award-winning payments platform, to deliver consumers an almost magical experience where fiddling with bills, coins and credit cards is a thing of the past. Some exciting features include: highly secure tokenized mobile payments, instant inventory views of the machine, remote pricing and product changes, product nutritional information, patented Sensit® guaranteed delivery system and the ability to pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and all major credit and debit cards.

  • Beautiful Consumer Experience
  • Remote Pricing
  • 100% Cashless
  • Sensit® Patented
  • Guaranteed Delivery System
  • 20% More Retail Space
  • 90% Fewer Service Calls
  • 25% Longer Service Cycles
  • 6 Selections – 39″ Wide
  • Parts Interchangeable with most AMS Vendors
  • Instant Telemetry & VMS Embedded
  • Polyurethane Foamed-in-place Construction
  • Excluding Glass and Paint Finish
  • Use Any Type of Payment with vīv!
  • Made in the U.S.A.


As the industry’s only live VMS, Vagabond’s cloud software suite delivers a truly unique experience to operators.

Vagabond’s intuitive software tools are designed to help you match product selections with your customers’ demand, dramatically increasing customer satisfaction as well as the amount of time your machines can go without a visit. This makes your operation leaner, smarter and more profitable – capable of winning and managing more accounts with fewer resources.

Our customers report net profit margins of nearly 4X the industry average. More importantly, they have higher bowling scores, more time to spend with their families, and more peace of mind.

Product Specifications

Machine Dimensions:
• Height: 72"
• Width: 39"
• Depth: 35"
• Weight: 645 lbs.

Product Specifications

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