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Book Vending Machine

Create a Unique Vending Experience in Your School District with this Book Vending Machine


The Book Vending Machine creates a unique vending experience in your School District – Library media specialists can use a book vending machine to build a strong reading community at your school.

  • Operates with tokens, money, or credit cards
  • Quality machines made in the USA
  • Accommodates multiple book sizes

Promote a Passion for Reading and Foster Positive Behavior through a Book Vending Machine. Nurturing a fondness for reading and cultivating favorable conduct can be achieved through the innovative concept of a book vending machine.

The objective is to enhance literacy by crafting an experience that offers meaningful rewards.

  • Foster positive behavior by granting students a take-home book as a reward.
  • Ignite enthusiasm among students as they embark on an enchanting journey to the book vending machine.
  • Contribute to the growth of personal libraries, simultaneously boosting reading engagement and combating the “summer slide.”
  • Craft artwork featuring the school’s emblem, motto, and mascot, fostering a sense of school pride and nurturing an atmosphere of creativity and unity.

How it Works

  • Select Target Behaviors & Habits – Optimal Grades, Regular Attendance, Acts of Kindness, Milestones / Achievements, Diligent Reading
  • Strengthen with Incentives –  Strengthen the targeted behaviors and habits through recognition and reward, presenting students with a unique Inchy golden token!
  • Time to Access a Book – Students can visit the Machine to choose their preferred book. By inserting the token, they can make their selection.
  • Retrieve Your Chosen Book  – Retrieve the chosen book from the delivery compartment, witnessing students’ joy as they grasp their new book for the first time!
  • Sustain the Momentum – Maintain the cycle of acknowledging and encouraging your selected behaviors and habits, fostering an environment of positive growth.

Product Specifications

Width: 35” or 39”
Depth: 35”
Height: 72”

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