Stein Eriksen Lodge Installation Testimonial

How A Free Play Arcade Game Room Boosts Business

Q&A with Dan Bullert


Stein Eriksen Lodge enhanced their facilities to improve the customer experience.  One of the additions was a 3,500-square-foot entertainment room titled Champions Club, which includes arcade games and a restaurant, offering guests new activities and experiences. Dan and the team at Stein Eriksen tabbed Betson as the Game Room specialists to come in and bring their vision to life. The installation included The World’s Largest Pacman, Jurassic Park Arcade, Star Wars Pinball, and Galaga. They also took a unique approach to the game room by not looking at it as a revenue source but an amenity. The arcade games are complementary and designed as a hotel amenity to increase hotel growth.

About the Company

Stein Eriksen Lodge is an authentic European ski lodge nestled in the alpine beauty of Park City, Utah.  Named after Norwegian Olympic Gold Medal skier Stein Eriksen, we have become a premier year-round resort with world-renowned skiing and all-year-round outdoor recreation.  Stein Eriksen Lodge is Utah’s first-ever Forbes 5-Star resort and the only Forbes 5-Star Spa.

The Decision Process

What challenges were you facing to make you look for alternatives to your current business model?

Finding a balance between luxury and practicality and vintage and cutting-edge gaming equipment.

Were you comparing alternative solutions/providers?

Gaming contractors, internal committees, and competitive set research.

Describe the top reasons you chose to work with us.

Steve Lamoreaux was confident and able to help design a plan based on our needs and space.  While our internal committee ultimately made the final decisions, we could not have made it to the starting gate without Steve’s help.


What is your favorite part of your experience working with us?

The support Steve provided was an effective amenity.