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Market leader in out-of-home multi-sensory interactive attractions, Triotech has created the most technologically advanced immersive and interactive media-based simulators for both the entertainment and edutainment markets. With installations in over 40 countries across all continents, Triotech continues to push the limits and allow guests worldwide to “live the moment.” Since 2006, Triotech has operated its own studio to develop state-of-the-art custom content for its attractions.

As an operator, you need to promote replayability and generate recurring revenue. The company’s products are scalable and reliable. Triotech’s diverse film library allows you to vary your content and keep the attraction fresh for returning guests. Your visitors will be completely immersed in the action and have so much fun that they’ll want to do it again and again with their friends and family again!


Design and development of custom components specific to companies’ technologies


Proprietary software, including interactivity


Development of in-house content specific to the companies’ systems and client needs.

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