Typhoon 10th Anniversary Edition Back of Cabinet Triotech Betson
Typhoon 10th Anniversary Edition Side of Cabinet Triotech

Typhoon: 10th Anniversary Edition

From Triotech

A Great System for All Locations

The Typhoon is the quintessential coin-op, media-based simulator ride. Sit side-by-side and experience a ride like never before. A top-quality experience, combined with motion seats and wind, will leave guests craving more!

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The Typhoon is the epitome of media-driven, coin-operated simulator rides. Positioned side by side, it delivers an unparalleled ride encounter. Crafted with the finest quality, featuring dynamic seats and simulated wind, it’s an experience that leaves clients yearning for more.

In honor of a decade of this remarkable achievement, Triotech has introduced a fresh model tailored for the FEC market. This iteration retains the essence of the original while elevating the experience, boasting a 4K display screen and a curated collection of ten new ride films for clients’ enjoyment. All packaged within a visually striking ‘red hot’ cabinet design, this innovation exemplifies Triotech’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge amusement solutions.

Why Typhoon? It has had a high customer satisfaction rate in the industry for ten years and consistently provides a top ROI for FEC and arcade operators. The Typhoon has a broad audience appeal, and the content pleases all ages and genders. It is a suitable investment for you!

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:

Height: 6'5"
Width: 5'9"
Depth: 7'3"
Weight: 890 lbs
Package Dimensions:
Height: 79"
Width: 58"
Depth: 91"

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