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Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) is the combination of Crane Payment Solutions, MEI Conlux Holdings (“MEI”), and Crane Merchandising Systems.

CPI offers the most extensive range of bill and coin validators and recyclers, coin hoppers and dispensers, vending machines, cash counters, coin sorters, and software applications, managed services, and a service and repair network. All our products and technologies offer real end-user benefits, from the highest level of security and fast acceptance rates to low maintenance and labor costs.

Convenience drives the Vending industry, and the most significant challenge operators face today is enabling consumers to pay at their vending machines with any payment options available to them to promote growth and increase sales revenues. With over 50 years of experience in the payment industry, CPI is at the forefront of innovation regarding new technologies and products targeted to increase end-user satisfaction.

In 2020 CPI joined forces with Crane Merchandising Systems to create a robust portfolio of vending and coffee machines that deliver seamless customer experiences.

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