COTI Freestanding Coffee Vending Machine
Coti Coffee Vending Machine

Coti Freestanding Coffee Vending Machine

From CPI

Coffee Vending Machine – Versatile, customizable menu and drink selection to mirror the coffee shop experience and provide operators with an increased price point for higher ROI.


Coffee Vending Machine

Gone are the days of pour-over black coffee as the only option to fuel a busy lifestyle. With an increased focus on quality, variety, and experience, consumers on the go demand more from their coffee, and CPI is ready to deliver that experience anytime, anywhere.

Joining with Crane Merchandising Systems, CPI presents a new wave of on-demand, self-service coffee. Designed to promote equal parts quality and efficiency, our products give your customers the same confidence as their favorite coffee shop while increasing your bottom line and promising measurable ROI.


Versatile, customizable menu and drink selection to mirror the coffee shop experience and provide operators with an increased price point for higher ROI.

Large 21″ touchscreen with support for customizable graphics and screen content, including ADA screen compatibility and personalized user experience to increase return users.

Customizable graphics and user interface, including the capability to support  HD, full-motion videos for revenue-generating digital advertising.

Reusable cup option to reduce single-use cup waste.

Hygienic by design,  minimal touchpoints, and integrated contactless cashless payment provide a clean and safe self-serve OCS experience.

Commonality with legacy machines for ease of cleaning and servicing.

With COTI, CPI delivers the coffee shop experience 24/7 in this streamlined, feature-rich, touchscreen coffee vending machine. Built on the legacy of highly engineered, self-service machines, COTI combines Crane Merchandising Systems’ brewing technology with innovative machine design to provide a reliable experience for users and measurable ROI for operators. With a 21″ touchscreen, customizable beverage menu, and bean-to-cup and instant coffee variants, operators can provide customers with a delightful coffee experience while increasing their bottom line with a higher price point.

Designed to work in line with existing Crane systems, COTI seamlessly integrates with other Crane machines and management systems. Pull your entire system together with customizable machine graphics to complete your portfolio.

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