A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

May 30, 2018

Increase Revenue with Free Injustice Stand Up Banner

Raw Thrills is excited to announce that all customers who purchased an Injustice Arcade 43” & 55” cabinet will receive a free stand-up banner featuring the images of the entire 200 card Series 1 set.

The Injustice Arcade stand up banner has increased revenue when displayed beside the cabinet at locations.

All new games ship with the banner and stand. Those who have already purchased Injustice Arcade will receive a banner from their distributor.

Injustice Arcade has been a great success so far, but we’ve heard that players don’t necessarily understand the novel card feature,” said Andrew Eloff, VP/COO of Raw Thrills. “This banner explains the concept and shows all of the special and rare cards they can collect.”

About Raw Thrills™

Raw Thrills™ was founded in 2001 to develop the finest arcade video game entertainment. The studio is led by veteran game designer Eugene Jarvis, whose credits include classic titles such as Defender™, Robotron:2084™, and the Cruis’n™ series of adventure driving games. From its debut hit The Fast and the Furious™, to the 2015 release Jurassic Park Arcade™, Raw Thrills™ strives to bring the player the ultimate arcade experience, while delivering consistent reliability and value.

In 2006, Raw Thrills ™merged with the renowned game development studio Play Mechanix™, to create a new world leader in arcade video and video redemption games. Founded in 1995 by George Petro, a former designer for Midway Games, the Play Mechanix design team are the creators of the famed Big Buck Hunter™ series, Deal or No Deal™, Wheel of Fortune™, Terminator Salvation™, Aliens Armageddon™ and many others.

The combined strength of the two studios have produced an amazing lineup of games for 2015 including Batman™, SnoCross™, Super Cars™, SuperBikes 2™, Barrel of Monkeys™, Kung Fu Panda™, Aliens Armageddon™, and the incredible new Big Buck HD Wild™ and Jurassic Park Arcade™. Raw Thrills has achieved many accolades and awards from the entertainment industry, including the Best of Show Award (BOSA) 2015 award for Jurassic Park Arcade™, and Play Meter 2015 Players Choice award for Big Buck HD™. The company exports its line of video arcade and redemption games to over 60 countries.

For more information, please visit www.rawthrills.com

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