February 22, 2024

How Unattended Prize Redemption Lockers Can Boost Your Business

A large merchandising counter or store is the best option for game revenues. If your overall square footage is on the small side or you’re having a tough time staffing your location, unattended prize redemption lockers can be your answer to adding more redemption. Let’s delve into Prize Hub and how its design redefines the redemption experience.

Prize Hub: A Modular Revolution

The Prize Hub is a self-contained prize center that can transform any space into a thriving game room, creating opportunities in places where you might not expect them. This modern approach to redemption introduces a sleek and intuitive touch-screen interface, allowing players to shop and claim prizes effortlessly. For operators, the user-friendly menus make managing the prize center a breeze.

Its unique modular construction, offering unparalleled flexibility, sets the Prize Hub apart. Operators can customize the prize center to suit their specific needs. The Full Modular configuration is the starting point, but with the ability to incorporate Capsule, Spindle, and Locker Hubs, you can craft the perfect mix for your location.

For venues with a transient crowd that doesn’t linger, consider linking two Capsule Hubs, offering a staggering array of 32 low-ticket prizes. On the other hand, if you have dedicated regulars, entice them with a pair of Lockers featuring high-value, large tips.

Prize Hub Locker XL

Prize Hub XL Locker – This self-contained prize center introduces a sleek, modern approach to the redemption market. It allows for the display of larger merchandise, making it ideal for high-end prizes.

Why Choose Unattended Prize Redemption Counters?

These unattended prize redemption counters offer a host of benefits. They improve your redemption space, generate more revenue, and improve productivity. Whether you have a bustling crowd or regular visitors, these innovative solutions cater to all your patrons.

By providing unattended prize redemption options, you save on labor costs and enhance the overall customer experience. It’s a win-win situation for operators and players, making your game room an even more attractive destination. Even if you have a larger arcade, supplementing a small to medium-sized counter with a prize to cover slower periods is also a great option.  

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