October 17, 2023

Wait…I’m in retail??? The Importance of Well-Merchandised Redemption Experience

When creating a memorable arcade experience within a bowling center, one crucial element often overlooked is the redemption counter or store. Positioned as the last stop before leaving the building, a well-stocked, well-merchandised, and well-staffed redemption counter can elevate the experience for your guests.

Appeal to Your Target Demographics:
Curating a Customized Redemption Experience

Understanding the target demographics of your bowling center arcade is vital to curating a redemption experience that appeals to your customer base. By analyzing your clientele’s age groups and preferences, you can stock your redemption with items that cater to their interests. For instance, if families with young children frequent your establishment, consider including various toys, plushies, and small games (don’t forget about the sweet stuff!). Offering trendy gadgets, electronics, or even gaming accessories can be a hit for teenagers and young adults. It’s always a good idea to start paying attention to TV ads and Big Box store catalogs to gauge the next hot items for different seasons of the year.

From Playful to Sophisticated:
Offering a Range of Prizes for All Ages

While younger children may be drawn to colorful and playful items, older customers might appreciate more sophisticated options. Including a range of prizes, such as high-quality headphones, sports memorabilia, logo basketballs, drones, or even gift cards to popular stores or restaurants, can cater to a broader audience and ensure everyone finds something appealing.

Streamline Operations and Boost Staff Engagement with a Combined Redemption and Shoe Counter

Consider combining the redemption experience with the front shoe counter to streamline operations and boost staff engagement. This integration saves labor and ensures that staff members actively engage with customers throughout their visit. Customers can conveniently handle all their needs in one place by having a single contact point for shoe rentals and redemption prizes, enhancing their overall experience.

Arcade Redemption Counter

Guest Experience Check: Creating an Engaging and Efficient Redemption Area

If a counter or store experience is in your plan or you already have one, examine the guest experience as if you’ve never been there before. Allow yourself to be a first-time customer in your redemption area and really focus on what it feels like. Is there music playing, well-lit, and chock-full of interesting merchandise? Are the items for younger children placed in an area they can see / touch and feel? Are there items placed at eye level for adults that will pique their interest? When in your store, place some focus on the transactional nature of checking out. Ensure that your staff is fully engaged and cheerful; time how long the actual checkout takes; it could be a major blow to an otherwise great experience in the facility if the line is too long.

Drive Arcade Sales and Enhance the Venue Experience with a Well-Merchandised Redemption Counter

A well-merchandised redemption counter or store is crucial to driving arcade sales and the overall experience in your venue. It should be visually appealing and entice customers to explore the available options. Organize the prizes neatly, use attractive displays, and consider incorporating eye-catching signage to highlight special offers or new arrivals. Regularly refreshing the merchandise and introducing new items keeps the counter exciting and encourages repeat visits.

Remember, this is one of your last opportunities to WOW your guests (and the parents who pay the bill) and make it fantastic and memorable!

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Brian Conway is an experienced Amusement Sales Consultant at Betson Enterprises, bringing over 25 years of expertise in sales and operations within the bowling and entertainment industry. Since joining Betson in 2016, he has been dedicated to assisting new and existing customers in navigating the transformation of their facilities into comprehensive family entertainment destinations, providing valuable insights into the challenges and rewards involved.