Arcade Games Boost Business

Add a new revenue stream to your location

Despite advances in digital sales, F&I, and more efficient in-store processes, long and unexpected wait times drag down CSI scores. Kids and teens accompanying their parents to the dealership can easily get bored and distracted. To combat this, auto dealers are setting up arcades and game rooms to give customers and their kids something to do while they wait, create a more welcoming auto dealership environment, and add a new revenue stream.

Time does fly when you’re having fun. Kids of all ages enjoy all types of games, from cutting-edge, vehicle-specific racing games and first-person shooters to classics like pinball, claw machines, and foosball and ping pong tables.

Time your customers would spend waiting for their sales, F&I, or service professional can be spent on a fun, wholesome, and engaging activity. This can reduce impatience while waiting for service, and keeping customers in a good mood will help in-store sales.

Arcades are Auto Dealership Appropriate

Auto Dealers can install car or motorcycle racing games, many of which feature current versions of actual vehicles. Many can seat multiple players, allowing you to organize after-hours competitions among employees or customers.

During business hours, the volume of each machine can be set to a low level or muted to keep them from disrupting the sales process.

Arcades are Affordable

Games can be leased or financed, often with no immediate payment due. Purchased machines can be resold, and leased machines can be traded out for newer models to keep your arcade up-to-date. Machines are plugged into standard electrical outlets. Adding a game room doesn’t necessarily require any renovation. It can be as easy as finding a glare-free space.

Aulika Evo Coffee Machine

How About Coffee & Snacks?

Create a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere at your dealership by offering snacks, cold beverages, and a hot cup of delicious coffee.

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