January 21, 2019

Game Rooms Can Enhance the Auto Dealership Experience

In the competitive space of automotive sales, how do dealerships stand out from the crowd? Some auto dealerships are considering adding onsite arcades and game rooms to welcome and entertain customers and their kids while adding a new revenue stream.

Buying a new car can be stressful for any consumer, and bringing your children can worsen the situation. A clear mind with no distractions is essential for the dealer and the customer. Some auto dealerships have been solving this issue for parents (and their businesses) by adding an arcade room that gives the kids something to do while they wait. These areas can be a new revenue stream or an added value you offer your customers to rise above the competition.

Here’s why game rooms and arcades help businesses and increase foot traffic:

Arcades Increase CSI Scores

Arcades increase CSI scores, which increases bonuses and compensation from the manufacturer — and set your dealership apart from your competitors.

Attendant-Free Entertainment

Most dealerships put something in for their customers, like a coffee shop where they must pay someone to work the counter. Arcades provide great entertainment all on their own without anyone operating or having to watch the room.

Auto Dealership Arcades

Gain New Sales and Service Customers

Including an arcade area will help two areas the most, the Sales Department and the Service Department — these two will see the most significant return because the customer will be spending more time with the sales rep and will have customers coming back when there is an issue with their vehicle.

A Great Distraction for Kids and More Time for Sales

Kids of all ages enjoy all types of games, from cutting-edge racing to first-person shooters to classics like pinball, foosball, and pool tables. This allows the kids to be entertained while the parents are in the F&I office, which is more time to upsell.

Low Cost, One-Time, Risk-Free Investment

Games can be leased or financed, often with no immediate payment due. Purchased machines can be resold, and leased machines can be traded for newer models to keep your arcade up-to-date. The games are also plugged into a standard electrical outlet, so no special electrical work needs to be done.

Free Advertising

Some games, including Space Invaders Frenzy, World’s Largest Pac-Man, and Big Buck Hunter, offer onscreen advertising space – showcase the latest car, or offer a low APR in a fun and unique way.

In the Age of the Consumer, dealers seek new ways to set themselves apart by improving the customer experience and making the dealership a welcoming and inviting place.

Adding an arcade or game room to your dealership could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Joe Herbert
Regional Sales Director
Betson Florida