VRX Arcade

VRX Arcade

VRX Arcade is a premiere unattended VR game. Featuring the Vive Pro headset and controllers, this cabinet comes equipped with the sensational game Gold and Mace (powered by Boxblaster).


VRX Arcade is the latest and greatest in unattended VR in the arcade industry. VRX boasts a robust cabinet and hardware engineered for lasting durability. This game is native to Gold and Mace, an exhilarating game set in medieval times, where the player battles evil knights using various weapons: crossbows, clubs, spears, and more. Gold and Mace is exclusive to the Boxblaster platform.

Product Specifications

92.25 H x 33.25 D x 38 W / 844.55 cm x 965.2 cm x 2343 cm

380 lbs./ 172 kgs.