The Really Big Machine

BIG Crane, BIG Prizes!

Give customers many different BIG prize options with the REALLY BIG machine! Contact Sales for Pricing.


Give your customers a chance to take home BIG prizes with The Really Big Machine. This game opens the door to lots of prize options. With The Really Big Machine’s tiered design, you can entice customers to go for the gold while raking in the silver.

It’s simple to set up, easy to service and lets you customize the price per play.


  • Huge claw with adjustable strength and transport voltage
  • Full digital programming
  • Customizable price-per-play settings
  • Plywood cabinet includes large storage compartments
  • Bright, vibrant, and eye-catching game topper
  • Prize door includes an innovative child safety mechanism

Product Specifications

Game dimensions:
65" X 65 X 136"

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