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PLAYBOX by Playmind

The PLAYBOX is a turnkey ball-tossing attraction designed to make the best at any location. Attendant-free, this must-have coin-op arcade platform is a true crowd-gatherer and repeat-play generator!

With a full library of high-quality games available, up to 6 players of all ages can throw softballs at our interactive screen with surround sound. As the PLAYBOX is redemption-ready, players or teams must hit the most targets to score points through co-op or competitive mode. Offer this unique, immersive, and interactive experience to your visitors now!


The PLAYBOX: An Immersive & Interactive Attraction for all ages!

The PLAYBOX is a must-have ball-tossing attraction designed to drive repeat plays and customer satisfaction. With its large LED screen, surround sound system, and bright frames lighting, the PLAYBOX is eye-catching and has proven to be a true crowd gatherer that drives repeat business and fast ROI.

When walking near the PLAYBOX, visitors of all ages will surely pick up from the sea of softballs and throw them at moving characters on the interactive screen. With all games designed to elevate in intensity and thrill as the player progresses, the excitement, the laughter, and the joyful screams generated from this attraction will build hype for visitors eager to play.

Through our management portal, operators can select which game to add to their portfolio, track units and games performance, and adjust pricing per round, as well as redemption.

How to Play

From frightening Zombies attacks to adorable Gingerbread invasions, there is a wide selection of game genres to please everyone. Players can choose from over 15 curated ball-tossing PLAYBOX-exclusive games to play in co-op or competitive mode.

The rules are simple: Hit the most targets to score the most points!

1. Scan or pay to play.
2. Select the desired game.
3. Throw balls at targets to earn points.

Product Specifications


PLAYBOX 4-players
Width: 8.2 ft
Depth: 9.5 ft
Height: 7.5 ft

PLAYBOX 6-players
Width: 14.1 ft
Depth: 11.5 ft
Height: 9.1 ft

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