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Designed to suit your needs, the Playbox is available in three different configurations


The Playbox: An Immersive & Interactive Game Platform. A new generation of physical skill video games!

Offer a unique, fun, collaborative, and competitive experience to your visitors!

Whether your visitors want to play as a team to reach the highest score or compete against their friends or family, the variety of games will please everyone’s desires and will drive repeat business. The Playbox comes with a rich variety of games and new games are launched every year.

The Playbox has a good track record that its ROI is between 5 and 8 months.

The Playbox and its games are designed for 1 to 6 players, and are so easy to operate that no attendant is required!

With its large LED screen, the Playbox is very adaptable to suit your needs and is available in the following formats :

  • – 4 players
  • – 6 players
  • – Any card reader and redemption system
  • – Data analytics management system to track the performance of your Playbox
  • – Optional leaderboard display

Simple and intuitive

  • – Scan card
  • – Select your desired game
  • – Aim and throw
  • – Earn redemption points

Product Specifications

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