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Omni Arena

From Virtuix

Enter The Arena!

Omni by Virtuix – move freely and at full speed without getting hurt! Contact Sales for Pricing.


Omni Arena – The only way to run in VR.

Move freely and at full speed in 360° without getting hurt. The Omni enables unparalleled gameplay action.

Highly Automated Attraction

Built-in staging area with eight seats, 11 TVs, and 11 touch screens for high throughput with only one attendant.

Esports Boosts Your Revenues

Turnkey prize contests organized and sponsored by Virtuix and HP stimulate repeat play (30%) and build a community of frequent players. Reach a new audience of games you didn’t have before!

Complete Guest Experience

Including pre-and post-game show, a queuing app with text messaging, and recorded gameplay video for social sharing with your logo built-in. Charge for 15 minutes of fun, not just a quick 5-minute game!

Large and Popular Games Library

Featuring all game genres curated from the Omniverse library of 20 games, appealing to a wide range of guests. Experience active VR without boundaries – don’t settle for “standing-only” VR games!

Worldwide Entertainment Success

More than 3,000 Omnis shipped to over 500 commercial operators.

Everyone Can Win!

Fun for both elite gamers and casual players.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions:
Depth: 22'
Width: 17'

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