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Double Dribble

Double Dribble arcade basketball game.

Item Number: ICEM 028824N


Players can choose one of three ways to start the game: single-player, multi-player, or competitive. Players step up and shoot into the net, the more baskets you make the more points you score. The first 30 seconds of the game count as two points, and the last 15 seconds of the game count as 3 points. If two players are tied, there will be a 15-second bonus round to declare a winner.

  • The time of gameplay is adjustable.
  • 15 second Bonus round if players are tied after the first 45 seconds
  • It can be played as a single-player game, multiplayer game, or competitive mode
  • Two card swipe stations

Product Specifications

59”W x 67”D x 75”H

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