Buzz And Win Crane Cabinet Image
Buzz & Win
Buzz & Win

Buzz & Win

Buzz & Win Crane Machine


This claw machine packs a big punch into a small space. It has all the bells and whistles to draw in the crowds, with a footprint less than 9 sq ft.

If you’re looking for a game that’s moderately priced, easy to program and has great player appeal, the Buzz & Win is for you.

  • Fully program-able
  • Claw strength and transport voltage adjustable
  • Vibrant LED Lighting
  • Claw set up for larger prizes 5″ – 9″
  • Electronic drop chute and DBA ready
  • All plywood cabinet
  • All general illumination LED fixtures
  • LED Colored fronts

Product Specifications

34.25” x 35.5” x 78.75”
280 lbs.