October 16, 2018

Tomb Raider arcade game: Chapter 3 is now released!

An epic conclusion to an adventure that is just beginning

Are your customers ready for Adrenaline Amusements’ Chapter 3 of Lara Croft’s high-octane saga in Tomb Raider, the arcade game?

Where we left Lara Croft off

Before we get into Chapter 3, let’s travel back in time to how the adventure all began.

Chapter 1: Stranded on an island (Act 1 to 5)

The action begins as Lara Croft, a young heiress of the Croft family, is embarked on a boat for an archaeological expedition. During a night storm, the boat is violently submitted to the elements and cracks open, leaving Lara and her team stranded on a mysterious island not recorded on any map. Separated from her friends and fighting her way through the wildlife, Lara eventually stumbles on the strange and violent inhabitants of the island. Still hoping for a rescue, she and her mentor Roth devise a plan for boosting his radio transmitter’s signal to call for help. Will it work?

Chapter 2: To the rescue (Act 1 to 5)

After a plane is successfully called for help, it tragically suffers the same fate as Lara’s boat and crashes on the island. All this activity stirs up the inhabitants into capturing some of Lara’s friends for a somber purpose. Determined to help, Lara embarks on a rescue journey. Trying to save her friend Sam, Lara begins piecing things together about the sun goddess cult and the crazy, violent inhabitants of the island. If she can escape the cult, will she be able to survive thanks to a rescue helicopter?

Tomb Raider Chapter 2

What’s in store for Lara now?

Chapter 3: Escaping the curse (Act 1 to 5)

The rescue helicopter suffers again from the island’s mystical weather barrier, forcing it to crash down. In the midst of the debris, cultists attack the survivors and Roth is killed, protecting Lara. As the group mourns the lost and prepares a boat for an ultimate escape attempt, one of them is once again taken prisoner and Lara goes after her. Lara finally associates the island’s curse with the sun goddess, Himiko, and understands the cultist’s goal to try and revive Himiko with her friend Sam’s body. As the final confrontation starts, Lara will have to use all of her might to defeat Himiko and save the islanders from a disastrous fate.

Tomb Raider Chapter 3

A thrilling arcade game that draws people in

This latest installment continues in Tomb Raider’s epic tradition. The arcade game is a four-player light shooting skills game features three mind-blowing chapters with 5 sections each.  It will take about one hour to complete the game! Gamers and movie fans alike will be totally stoked on Tomb Raider’s fast-action, heart-pumping gameplay. The cabinet feature a giant 120-inch screen:  the size and graphics really pack a jaw-dropping punch.

What are other clients have to say:

“We are thrilled with the results of our collaboration with Adrenaline, which brings Lara Croft, perhaps the best known of all video game heroines, to arcades for the very first time. From the enormous screen that puts the players inside the action, to the opportunity for four friends to compete with each other to see who can rise to the top, to the spectacular gameplay, cabinet artwork, audio, and visuals, this game has it all and the addition of new chapters keeps it constantly fresh and relevant. Hardly a moment passes during the day when the game isn’t surrounded by friends or family members, all immersed in the world of Tomb Raider.

Kevin Bachus, Senior Vice President, Entertainment & Game Strategy, Dave & Buster’s, Inc.