August 22, 2023

Smitty’s GameLAB – Enhancing Entertainment in Maine

In the bustling towns of Sanford, ME, and Topsham, ME, there is an entertainment destination that promises fun and excitement for all ages. Smitty’s GameLAB, an entertainment-based company, is revolutionizing the entertainment industry by combining dine-in cinemas with family entertainment centers (FECs). We had the pleasure of sitting down with Albert Waitt, the Director of Operations at Smitty’s GameLAB, to discuss their innovative approach and partnership with Betson Enterprises to provide an exceptional game room experience.

A Complete Entertainment Experience

At Smitty’s GameLAB, customers can enjoy the latest blockbuster movies in the comfort of their dine-in cinemas and immerse themselves in a world of arcade gaming excitement. With two locations, Sanford and Topsham, Smitty’s GameLAB is transforming how entertainment is experienced.

The Betson Advantage

When selecting a partner to fulfill their game room needs, Smitty’s GameLAB turned to Betson Enterprises. Albert Waitt shared that his experience working with Betson has been exceptional. The communication, service, and industry insights provided by Betson were instrumental in getting their entertainment centers up and running successfully.

The Power of Partnership

Waitt revealed that working with Betson allowed them to gain valuable knowledge and insights into the “why” and “how” behind the recommendations. This level of collaboration and education contributed significantly to the success of Smitty’s GameLAB.

Building Success and Growth

Introducing arcade games at Smitty’s dine-in cinemas was smart, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic. By diversifying their offerings, they created an entertainment hub in their locations, attracting a more comprehensive range of customers. The combination of the cinema experience and the game room has proven complementary, with each aspect driving growth and revenue for Smitty’s GameLAB.

Looking Forward

As Smitty’s GameLAB continues to expand and construct its third location, they remain committed to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences to its valued customers. The partnership with Betson has been critical to their success thus far, and they are excited about its future prospects.

With 70 games in Sanford and 60 in Topsham, Smitty’s GameLAB provides various gaming options to suit every taste.

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