A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

A Division of H. Betti Industries, Inc.

July 14, 2021

Pinball’s Resurgence Means Business Opportunities


Why is pinball regaining popularity?

Over the past several decades, pinball and other arcade games have had to reckon with the booming popularity of computer and home video games. But now, pinball is seeing a popularity resurgence as young and old generations fall back in love with the skill-based game. For some ages, pinball is very much about nostalgia and remembering one's childhood with countless hours spent in front of a pinball machine. Vintage pinball is a growing market fueled by pinballers hoping to reconnect with their favorite past times. Pinball museums are proliferating as old pinball fanatics look to play and admire pinball machines from their childhood.

The pinball comeback also brings in a younger crowd perhaps unfamiliar with the nostalgia and history behind the pinball machine. Video games have captured the hearts of the latest generation, but as they come of age, pinball offers a unique entertainment outlet. Pinball is somewhat of a novelty to younger people, but it combines novelty with a familiar gaming platform.

Elvira's House of Horrors Playfield LE Stern Pinball
Elvira's House of Horrors Playfield LE Stern Pinball

Effect on the Industry

The increase of pinball play has had a knock-on effect on the industry, and now more pinball machine companies are designing and selling modern takes on the pinball machine. Increased competition has led to somewhat of a revolution in pinball design. Stern Pinball has expanded its production due to increased demand launching some great new titles. Stern Pinball is always on the cutting edge of providing players with the biggest titles on the planet (or in this case, the galaxy!), constantly offering players a wide range of hit properties such as Stranger Things, Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Led Zeppelin, and The Mandalorian!

A piece in Newsweek featured this excerpt from Stern, What draws folks to play these seemingly antiquated games, especially when free ones are just a button-push away in our pockets? Zach Sharpe, director of marketing at pinball manufacturer Stern, credits phones and video games with driving people to seek out a more tangible, mechanical pastime. “It’s an entertainment device that can’t be replicated,” Zach tells Newsweek. “While video games are fun, you don’t get that same tactile action that you experience with a pinball machine.”

Where is it happening?

The latest pinball trend began in the Pacific Northwest with younger hipsters combining the arcade game with a craft brewery, but it is starting to catch on across the nation. A newfound fixation with vintage and retro gaming has in part spiked the comeback of pinball in the States.

One way to track the success of pinball is to look at the spread of pinball museums. Museums dedicated to pinball and its history thrive from Seattle, Las Vegas, New York City, to Asheville, North Carolina.

And, the revitalized interest in the game has spread from pinball-specific foundations to general food and entertainment establishments. Savvy business owners realize pinball's potential, and they are incorporating pinball into their entertainment offerings. 

Young woman playing pinball in game room


How can restaurants, bars, and other establishments take advantage of pinball’s growth?

Whether you want to reinvent your bar's theme or add some new entertainment options, pinball can connect a new audience to your business. The more active, young crowd is looking to engage their gaming prowess on a night out, and older pinballers will enjoy the nostalgia pinball machines offer.

More than just a recreational activity for some, competitive pinball and pinball tournaments are seeing growth throughout the States. The International Flipper Pinball Association holds events in nearly every state, and its presence is growing nationally and internationally. Tournaments are held in bars, restaurants, and cafes, and they offer a unique opportunity to connect with the local community.

In a more recreational setting, arcade bars are also spreading as a way for patrons to connect around their love of gaming. Themed arcade bars attract an audience looking for more in a bar than the familiar trappings. With this said, simply having a machine offers customers a fun, engaging game to spend a couple of minutes on in between buying food and drinks.

Use the Stern Pinball Locator to find the location nearest you to play all of your favorite Stern titles!

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James Liess

James Liess leads marketing and communications for Betson Enterprises focused on working with manufacturing partners to grow awareness of products and services. He has more than 15 years of experience working with global brands in the sports and entertainment industry. 


  • We have had an increase in interest in Pinball machines lately.


    PINBALL RESURGENTS ??? And who is it that supplying the machines to the players ? I’m assuming (and you know what that means) that it is mostly the operators. THEN WHY is STERN forcing us to buy the PREMIUM version ? Well, I wouldn’t say forcing BUT….. look at the newest…Jurassic Park. The Premium and Limited Edition (NOT THE PRO) models feature an amazing animatronic ball-eating, ball-throwing T. Rex that interacts with the ball and the player. These models also include an interactive Raptor and Raptor Pen featuring a ball-lock mechanism guarded by a motorized gate. The action does not let up with unique mosquito-in-amber pop bumpers and a custom metal horizontal helicopter spinner. MUNSTERS. The Premium and Limited Edition (NOT THE PRO) models both feature Grandpa’s laboratory, a lower playfield that features 2 mini flippers, 2 ramps, a Grandpa bash target, a digital number display, and a multiball feature. In MY opinion, we operators are just getting hammered… AGAIN….

  • That is interesting that pinball can connect new audiences to a business. If I were a business owner, I would want a pinball machine. Maybe it would be good to get an older machine and have someone repair it.


    Pinballs are not coming into date their just trying to take over by having to do it at school ? it is fun but why pinballs? Can’t we have something else that is in this generation… we could have things that we are going to use in life at least.

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