July 14, 2023

Oscar’s Playground: A Nostalgic Haven for Fun and Games

Step into the enchanting world of Oscar’s Playground, nestled in the heart of John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row in picturesque Monterey, California. With a rich history in escape rooms, Oscar’s Playground expanded its entertainment offerings in 2022, introducing an arcade, event space, and outdoor entertainment. As a family-owned business, Oscar’s Playground is dedicated to curating a personalized experience that captures the joy of childhood memories.

Meet the Owners: Christina and Barrie Riddoch

At Oscar’s Playground, my wife and I proudly serve as owner/operators, personally involved in every aspect of our business. From carefully selecting the games to ensuring their proper maintenance, we are committed to delivering an exceptional experience to our guests. With a hands-on approach, we strive to create an atmosphere that resonates with our visitors, evoking the magic of childhood wonder and amusement.

The All-In-One Destination:

As an FEC (Family Entertainment Center), Oscar’s Playground offers various attractions, including a captivating arcade, versatile event space, thrilling escape rooms, and a relaxing lounge area. We have recently expanded into a new location, making the arcade a central focus of our establishment.

A Wonderland of Games:

Our sprawling game room encompasses over 6,000 square feet, housing a carefully curated selection of over 30 games. Each game has been meticulously chosen to cater to various interests, ensuring an engaging experience for guests of all ages. Oscar’s Playground offers various gaming options that guarantee excitement and nostalgia.

Choosing Betson:

Betson emerged as the clear choice when selecting a partner for our arcade venture. Betson’s flexibility aligned perfectly with our vision for growth and expansion. Despite having ample space to accommodate a larger game room, we appreciated the invaluable consultation and partnership offered by Betson, enabling us to tailor our arcade to our unique business needs.

Unparalleled Support:

Working alongside Betson has been a pleasure primarily due to their exceptional installation and service team. These dedicated professionals play a vital role in our daily operations, ensuring minimal downtime and the smooth functioning of our arcade. Their knowledge, support, and availability have been instrumental in our success. We have gained invaluable insights and expertise through their guidance during the BTU (Betson Technical University).

Thriving and Growing:

While we don’t have prior data for comparison, Oscar’s Playground has experienced consistent month-over-month growth since the inception of our arcade. The journey has been filled with hard work and valuable lessons, some more welcome than others. However, the joy we witness on our customers’ faces as they immerse themselves in our games makes every effort worthwhile. Oscar’s Playground continues to evolve, offering an exceptional blend of nostalgia, excitement, and unforgettable experiences.