April 10, 2024

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Series 3 Cards Launch

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Series 3 introduces an all-new card category to the game and an all-new way to play and collect – Hero Cards! The 20 ultra-rare, ultra-exclusive Hero Cards bring the total number of collectable cards in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade to 118. Hero Cards feature five powerful items on one unique card, filling all five player loadout slots – Melee, Range, Armor, Skin and Pet – with a single scan! Players can pair Hero Cards with any other card for endless character customization and in-game strategy. Hero Cards dazzle with premium, opulent holographic and gold foil accents, setting a new standard for visual allure within arcade collectables. Players have a one-in-ten chance to pull a Hero Card every time they press start.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Series 3 cards are shipping now! With your first order of Series 3 cards, Minecraft Dungeons Arcade units will receive a free upgrade kit that includes a software update USB, a new Series 3 translite and a voucher to redeem a free Series 3 promotional banner! The software update will automatically download to all online-connected Minecraft Dungeons Arcade units in mid-April. As always, cards from Series 1 and 2 are fully functional with the new software update.