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WIK: From Garage Startup to European Amusement Powerhouse

Imagine this: two young entrepreneurs, brimming with ambition, launch their dream company in a humble garage. Fast forward three decades, and that small startup has transformed into a European amusement behemoth, proudly stamping its “Made in Europe” mark on a staggering 50,000+ games. This remarkable story of WIK is a testament to passion, innovation, and unwavering dedication to fun.

From Humble Beginnings to Soaring Success:

It all began in 1992 when Widenka and Kluska (the “WIK” in the company name) saw a burgeoning demand for high-quality amusement devices in Europe. Fueled by their shared love for games and entrepreneurial spirit, they channeled their creativity into crafting their first masterpiece – a pool table built with their own hands in that now-legendary garage.

Quality and Innovation at the Core:

Today, WIK is more than just a manufacturer; it’s a family of skilled artisans and tech wizards passionate about pushing the boundaries of amusement. This dedication to quality and innovation is evident in everything they do, from the robust steel cabinets to the cutting-edge technologies that power their games.

A Diverse Playground for Every Player:

WIK boasts a diverse portfolio that caters to all ages and preferences. From thrilling air hockey tables and adrenaline-pumping basketball games to skill-testing crane machines and classic favorites like foosball and darts, there’s something for everyone in the WIK universe.

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