Betson is proud to offer Cafection Office Coffee Machines, Parts & Supplies.

Cafection designs and builds top-quality bean-to-cup coffee machines equipped with a unique reverse French press brew group for North America’s OCS and HoReCa markets. Cafection is a leader in the industry with an unparalleled brewing system and an unequaled freshness in every cup.

Cafection Office Coffee Equipment

Dedicated to building reliable, environmentally friendly, and innovative equipment, Cafection was the first coffee machine manufacturer to believe in the IoT (Internet of Things) when the Total 1 from the Innovation Series got connected to the World Wide Web in 2011. Ahead of the competition, they also developed Sophia — Global Management System, the first online application remotely controlling and managing coffee machines.     

With the Encore Series (Lite, Ground, Venti) and the latest NSF-certified Encore 29 as a flagship model, Cafection always targets state-of-the-art technology. As a matter of fact, the Encore 29 is equipped with a large 18.5-inch high-definition touch screen while being remotely manageable through a private and secure LTE network. With a choice of 3 coffee beans and three soluble ingredients, this coffee machine can dispense any of its 19 hot beverages in less than a minute in an effort to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. 

No wonder why high-tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft rely on their machines to keep up with the pace and remain on top. Serving over 2 billion fresh cups of coffee annually and present in 80% of the Forbes Fortune 500, millions of leaders, managers, workers, and great thinkers of this world wake up with coffees brewed by Cafection equipment.