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New Year, Great Deals!

Buy/Get Deals on Curve, Mini 3, and the new Atom!

2024 Q1 AMI Promo

Buy/Get Deals on Curve, Mini 3, and the new Atom!

Buy 4 Jukeboxes – Get 1 FREE

Buy 7 Jukeboxes – Get 3 FREE

Only need 3 or fewer jukeboxes? Take advantage of instant rebates!

Purchase 1-3 jukeboxes, get $500 each for the Mini 3 rebate, get $750 each for the Curve rebate, (Atom Jukebox not eligible for rebates).

Buy/get deals cannot be combined with rebate offer. Atom not eligible for rebates. NGX Infinity purchases are not eligible for quarterly promotions. ALL new jukeboxes come standard with Win10 operating system, music video capability, and a 2-year hardware warranty.

Are your jukeboxes still running XP software? The “End of Life” for Windows XP Jukeboxes is March 24, 2024. So update now to ensure your jukeboxes continue to function after that date.

Offer Expires on March 31, 2024

To qualify for AMI’s Q1 2024 promo, products must be invoiced to customer between 1/1/24 – 3/31/24. The promotion ends at that time. Buy/get and rebate deals cannot be combined. Rebates must be returned if you decide to take advantage of the buy/get deal. If jukeboxes purchased are a mix of models, the free jukebox(es) will be the lowest price of the one(s) purchased. AMI reserves the right to discontinue this promotion without notice should demand exceed available inventory.

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