January 5, 2024

Experience Matters When Choosing a Vending Machine Distributor

When it comes to vending machines, experience matters; that’s why we’re proud to say that our team has over 100 years of combined vending knowledge. With this expertise, we can confidently assist customers with one machine or thousands, providing a range of services from credit card implementation to technical support, price points and merchandising, and unattended options for Family Entertainment Centers.

One of the challenges of vending is staying up to date with the latest technology, especially regarding payment methods. That’s why we can help you determine which credit card works best for your machine, ensuring customers have a seamless experience. Additionally, we can provide technical support to troubleshoot any issues so you can rest assured that your machines are always up and running.

But it’s not just about the technical side of vending. Merchandising and pricing are critical components; our team can help you optimize both to maximize your profits. We can also provide unattended options for FECs, allowing customers to purchase items without needing an attendant on-site.

Many businesses worry about labor shortages. We can help you solve this problem by ensuring that your machines are always stocked and never call out sick. By earning more, your machines won’t disappear, and inventory control systems can help you stay on top of your stock levels.

If you’re just getting started in vending, we recommend starting with two machines for beverages and snacks. We can help you set these up to make the most money possible, and we offer an eight-week program to get you up and running quickly.

We also offer wellness options for your machines, helping you determine what’s working for your business. With 100 years of combined product knowledge, we can help you navigate the different types of equipment available and decide which is best for your location. Whether you’re looking to set up machines in an office building, hospital, or school, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

Invest in Two Vending Machines to Start

Most vending machine buyers get one for beverages and one for snacks. While many machines offer enough space for both, specialty vending machines can be paired together for maximum dispensing and earning potential.

We offer a guide to the different vending machines for your business, but here are the basics of the two primary machines you should have.  

Soft Drink Vending Machines

Drink machines have evolved over the years to offer all sorts of beverages. New technologies also provide suggestive selling, digital advertising, and touchless purchasing. Offer water, energy drinks, coffee beverages, soda, and more. 

Snack Vending Machines

Snacks, whether sugary treats, chips, or healthy options, are great for grab-and-go locations. Snack machines are a moneymaker that allows you and your staff to focus on other parts of the customer experience. 

Though a drink and snack machine is a great start, remember that what’s in the vending machine is up to your creativity and marketing aspirations. Want to offer branded or designer socks at your bowling alley? Go ahead. Driving gloves at your go-kart location? Sure. It’s up to you. 

With all the types of payment options out there, keep in mind that machines can accept: Cash, Credit Cards, NFC capable of tap and go, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. In addition, some vending units allow custom skins for either branding or additional signage. For example, do you want to clarify that the beverage machine carries water? Why not let us customize it with a Water sign across the top? Want to extend your brand presence throughout a facility? We can put your logo on the units with any messaging you need. 

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