July 10, 2023

Cowboys Calgary: A Fusion of Nightlife and Gaming Excitement

Step into the vibrant world of Cowboys Calgary, a Las Vegas-style nightclub located within the renowned Cowboys Casino in the heart of Alberta’s bustling city. With a legacy spanning 27 years and three locations, Cowboys Calgary has established itself as a premier destination for entertainment, dancing, music, and unforgettable experiences. In 2022, they embarked on an exciting new venture by introducing an arcade, offering guests an exhilarating blend of nightlife and gaming excitement. Let’s delve deeper into this unique addition and its impact on Cowboys Calgary.

The General Manager’s Perspective: Austin Riegler

As the General Manager of Cowboys Calgary, I oversee the operations of the nightclub and the annual Music Festival hosted in July. Our goal was to enhance the customer experience, particularly during the early hours of the night, and provide additional entertainment within our venue. We recognized the need for a fresh concept and embraced incorporating an arcade into our establishment.

Introducing the Arcade

The newly added arcade within Cowboys Calgary boasts a game room filled with 17 titles and 24 games total. This exciting addition provides an immersive gaming experience for our diverse clientele, ranging from the core demographic of 18-24-year-olds to individuals of all ages, from 18 to 80. The legal drinking age of 18 in Calgary allows us to cater to various groups and ensure everyone can enjoy their night out.

Why Betson?

We were looking for the next evolution of our business and a way to entertain customers during the earlier portions of the night. Being located inside a casino leads to many distractions and things to do, so we added the arcade as another feature to keep customers in our room entertained. After a lot of shopping, it was clear that Betson offered the best pricing and customer service for what we were looking for. They have been great with us as first-time operators of an arcade.

Favorite part of working with Betson

Constant communication and working with us to solve issues. We had never owned or operated an arcade before, and there was much trepidation in adopting a new concept. They have been great with working with us to understand our systems and help to grow the business.

The Benefits of Collaboration

Working closely with Betson, we witnessed immediate growth in revenue streams, both from the arcade games themselves and the bar sales in the previously underutilized section of our venue. The addition of the arcade has profoundly impacted our ability to keep customers engaged and entertained during the early hours of the night. By providing an alternative form of amusement, we have effectively extended our guests’ stay and heightened their overall experience.

Cowboys Calgary continues to evolve and innovate, and the introduction of the arcade has proved to be a significant milestone in our journey. Fusing a high-energy nightclub with an exciting gaming space has created a dynamic atmosphere where guests can revel in dancing and gaming excitement.

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