September 14, 2023

Case Study: Making Hospitality Fun

Get ready to level up your hospitality location with the power of arcades. We recently spoke to Terry Meron, the owner of a multi-business complex that includes a hotel, restaurant, fitness center, and family entertainment center (FEC). This dynamic entrepreneur transformed a large ballroom into a 12,000-square-foot FEC, and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal. He hit a “home run” by partnering with Betson, a game-changer in the industry, and his only regret is not doing so sooner. By working with Betson and their trusted consultant, Dave Reiners, he received expert advice on game selection, layout, and operations.

The customer-centric approach of Betson, combined with their financing options and diverse game selection, has helped this FEC owner achieve the highest profit margins in his entire business portfolio. If you’re considering enhancing your hospitality location with arcades, we highly recommend joining forces with Betson for a winning strategy to keep families entertained and your revenue soaring.

Would you give me a quick overview of your company?

Our Company owns/operates five businesses under one roof-a 112 Room Comfort Inn and Suites, a 186-seat Perkins Restaurant and Bakery, Plattsburgh Brewing Company, a 150-seat Brewpub Restaurant, Eclipse Fitness Center, a 16,000 square foot health club and Champy’s Fun City, our 12,000 square foot family entertainment center.

Can you describe your role?

I own all the businesses and am involved in the day-to-day operations of all five businesses. My major role is the planning function and accountability for operational and financial performance.

How did you hear about us?

I started with an arcade in my hotel complex in 1990 and added a laser tag arena in the early 90’s. I was buying used games at that point to keep my investment down. Around 1999-2000, Dave Reiners visited our property and convinced me that Betson had a lot to offer that could improve our business financially and operationally. Looking back over the years, my association with Betson and Dave Reiners has been one of the best business decisions in my life.

What challenges were you facing to make you look for alternatives to your current business model?

Our family entertainment center is in a space that was a large ballroom/meeting room area in my hotel. The banquet business is a tough business to make money in. We transformed that space into a 12,000-square-foot FEC. I coached baseball for over 25 years, so I often use baseball terms in relation to business. I hit a “home run” by changing the ballroom/meeting space to an FEC-dollar for dollar, the best business investment I have ever made.

“Betson is a great company with a customer-centric philosophy. Looking at all aspects of their business, you can see that the success of their customers is built into all of their services and policies.”

Describe the top reasons you chose to work with us.

I have worked with Dave Reiners for decades. He cares about the success of my business and is a trusted “consultant” on game selection, layout, and operations. Initially and on one significant expansion, Dave Reiners got Betson’s consulting service team involved to efficiently layout the games with scaled CAD drawings – a big help.

I also value Betson’s variety of financing alternatives. They provide an opportunity to pay for part of the capital cost of a game out of your revenue from the game.

Can you measure any increases in revenue or growth since you upgraded or installed the game room?

The ballroom/meeting room business model is a high variable business expense model with single-digit profit margins, with labor and cost of goods eating up 60-65% of revenue. The seasonality of the business for us created inefficiency in labor, so we even exceeded the 65% figure.

The Family Entertainment Center business is more of a fixed expense business; the profit percentage is huge when you exceed the breakeven point.

What has Betson done in particular that has helped you to be successful?

Dave Reiners has consulted on which games to buy, utilizing Betson’s large customer base to know what games are performing well. I am very pleased with Dave’s advice on game selection. He also receives our game reports and advises us on each game’s performance and if any are in need of adjustments for payout.

It is nice having a salesperson like Dave Reiners who develops “real” relationships with his customers and proves through his recommendations that he has your interest at heart.”

What is your favorite part of your experience working with us? Why?

Betson’s Customer-centric policies. This shows they concentrate on their customer’s success. It is a well-thought-out game plan from consulting services on game selection, game room layout, and assistance with various financing packages. Their installation always goes smoothly. Their salesperson assigned to me, Dave Reiners, has carried that customer-caring attitude forward, helping me make good decisions on game selection and optimizing game performance once they are installed.

What is your advice to others who might be considering Betson?

I would highly recommend Betson a customer-centric company. They are the leader in the industry, offering every game available, business consultation services on game selection, including the right game mix and game room layout, providing a variety of financing options, teaming you up with salespeople who are knowledgeable about all aspects of the business and who assist you in optimizing game performance, and providing educational opportunities for your game technicians at Betson Technical University.

Do you think the investment in our product was worthwhile?

Yes. My family entertainment center has the highest percent profit margin of any of my businesses, and you have the satisfaction of making life better for families in your community.

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