September 14, 2023

Case Study: Enhancing the Galaxy Strikes Bowling Center Experience With a New Game Room

Galaxy Strikes Bowling Center is a fully handicapped-accessible family entertainment center located in Warrenton, Virginia. The center boasts 18 bowling lanes, a 9-hole black light miniature golf course, an arcade, a pro shop, and a cafe. The company’s mission is to create an inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy various recreational activities. We sat down with owner Brett Mills to discuss Galaxy Strikes Bowling Center and why they chose to work with Betson.

The Role of the Owners

As owners, my wife and I handle all the behind-the-scenes tasks required to keep the center operational. We also actively manage the center, and I personally serve as the “pro shop guy,” responsible for ordering, drilling, and selling bowling equipment.

Location and Grand Opening

Galaxy Strikes Bowling Center is a brand new location that opened its doors on October 8, 2022. Despite limited space of about 1000 sqft, the center successfully accommodates 18 bowling lanes and expects to add a couple of pinball machines to its game room when they become available.

Choosing Betson Enterprises for the Game Room

The decision to go with Betson Enterprises for the game room needs of Galaxy Strikes Bowling Center was influenced by a meeting with Mike Springman at a bowling conference in the Poconos at Kalahari Resort in 2017. Impressed by their offerings and reputation, the owners partnered with Betson Enterprises instead of splitting sales with a company that would bring in their own machines.

Favorite Aspect of Working with Betson Enterprises

The owners of Galaxy Strikes Bowling Center appreciate the delivery service provided by Betson Enterprises. Given the recent challenges in the supply chain, the delivery had to be broken up into multiple installations. Each time the truck arrived, the owners eagerly witnessed the arrival of new games and were elated to see the customers’ faces light up with excitement.

Measuring Revenue Growth from the Game Room

While Galaxy Strikes Bowling Center has not experienced significant increases in revenue, the addition of the game room has greatly contributed to the overall guest experience. The game room offers guests an alternative activity while waiting for their turn to bowl, particularly during peak times when there is a waitlist for bowling lanes.

In conclusion, Galaxy Strikes Bowling Center’s decision to invest in a new game room has enhanced the overall entertainment options available to their customers. By partnering with Betson Enterprises, they provided a diverse selection of arcade games and created a vibrant atmosphere that keeps guests engaged and satisfied.

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