September 7, 2023

Boost Your Family Entertainment Center’s Business with Arcade Game Financing

Are you considering expanding your family entertainment center with commercial arcade equipment? Adding an arcade to your location can significantly enhance your offerings and attract more customers. However, the upfront costs of purchasing arcade games may seem daunting. That’s where financing options can make a difference. Betson is here to help, offering private, in-house financing to empower your business and drive success.

Private, In-House Financing for Your Arcade Equipment

At Betson, we understand the unique needs of entertainment businesses like yours. That’s why we provide private financing and leasing options, ensuring you have the necessary resources to bring your arcade vision to life. Whether you’re building a new arcade location or looking to upgrade your existing game room, our experienced financial services team will work closely with you to develop a flexible financing plan tailored to your specific requirements.

Flexible Financing Solutions for Long-Term Success

Betson offers a range of creative financial offerings to support your business growth. These include stop-n-go lease specials, 0% financing offers, delayed payment options, aggressive trade-in programs, and more. With our help, you can keep your game room area fresh and current for years, providing an exciting experience for your customers.

Critical Benefits of Betson’s Financing Options

In-House, Private Financing: With Betson’s private financing and leasing, we can work directly with our clients. Whether you’re acquiring a single game or multiple machines, we can help you secure the necessary funding for your amusement center needs.

Competitive Interest Rates: We offer attractive interest rates, including 0% product specials and some of the lowest rates in the industry for long-term financing programs. This ensures you can secure funding at affordable terms and maximize your return on investment.

Customized Leasing and Financing Programs: Every business has unique financial requirements. At Betson, we understand this, and our team can create customized leasing and financing programs tailored to your specific needs. Whether you prefer fixed or seasonal payment options, we will work with you to design a plan that optimizes your cash flow and supports your business goals.

Flexible Payment Terms: We understand the seasonal nature of the entertainment industry. We offer extended or delayed payment programs and flexible options to accommodate your business fluctuations. This way, you can align your payments with your revenue streams and ensure financial stability throughout the year.

Product Specials: Our commitment to making your business more profitable extends beyond financing options. Betson regularly offers exciting product specials, including 0% financing offers, delayed payments, stop-n-go leases, and more. These specials can help you acquire new arcade games and equipment at even more favorable terms, further enhancing your business’s success.


Expanding your family entertainment center with an arcade can be a game-changer for your business. Thanks to Betson’s private, in-house financing options, acquiring commercial arcade equipment has never been more accessible. You can build a vibrant game room that keeps your customers engaged and entertained with competitive interest rates, flexible payment terms, and customized leasing programs.

Take advantage of Betson’s financing expertise and unlock the full potential of your entertainment center. Contact us today to discuss your financing needs and embark on an exciting journey to boost your business’s success.

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