October 15, 2021

Why You Should Add Vending to Your Family Entertainment Center

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Adding arcade games to a bowling center or skating rink has been profitable for several years. But flying under the radar is vending, especially in our current economic and social environment. Adding vending machines to your Family Entertainment Center (FEC) is a game-changer, unlocking hidden profit potential, improving customer experience, and tackling that pesky labor shortage. No more relying on overworked concession stands – these silent sales warriors work 24/7, keeping your guests happy and your pockets full.

Vending machines provide convenient snacks and beverages that customers can easily purchase; there’s no need to staff an entire kitchen. Here are some ways vending machines can serve you, your customers, and your employees.

Beat the Labor Crunch with Snack Attack Solutions:

  • 40% of small businesses struggle with labor shortages. Long lines and unhappy customers don’t have to be your reality. Vending machines provide convenient snacks and drinks, taking pressure off your staff and offering service even when lines are out the door.
  • Extra Revenue, Zero Overhead: Industry reports show average vending machines rake in $75 weekly, with prime locations exceeding $500 monthly. That’s extra cash for employee appreciation, prizes, or whatever makes your FEC tick. Plus, no training or downtime – these machines are always on the clock.
  • Inventory Control Made Easy: Stock up bulk from Costco or Amazon, track expenses effortlessly, and monitor popular items to keep shelves stocked with customer favorites.

Beyond Chips and Soda: Diverse Options for Diverse Demands:

  • Modern machines are culinary chameleons! Craving barista-quality coffee? Invest in a machine with hot chocolate and espresso options. Need more bulk? Rotating vending machines accommodate trays and platters. Craving healthy? Refrigerated displays tempt impulse buys with fresh fruit and salads.
  • Micro-market solutions offer bite-sized convenience for items beyond bags and bottles. Think wraps, sandwiches, or even healthy snacks! No more battling the communal coffee pot – a vending machine keeps everyone caffeinated and happy.

Double the Fun, Double the Profit: Two Machines, Endless Possibilities:

  • Most FECs start with a classic duo – drinks and snacks. But specialty machines offer a chance to double your earnings and customer delight. Imagine branded socks at your bowling alley or driving gloves at your go-kart track. The possibilities are endless!
  • We offer a variety of machines to cater to any taste and budget. From beverage bonanzas with touchless purchasing to grab-and-go snack havens, we have the perfect solution to fuel your fun-seekers.

Payment Options that Keep Everyone Playing:

  • We’ve covered you with cash, credit cards, and contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. No more scrambling for change or facing frustrated customers with empty wallets.
  • Customizable skins let you brand your machines and clarify offerings. Water sign for the beverage dispenser? Done! Is your logo plastered across the units? Easy! Make your vending machines an extension of your FEC’s personality.

Diverse Options

Modern vending machines can be baristas or markets. Suppose your customers’ or employees’ favorite food and beverage options don’t come in bags or bottles. In that case, many ways exist to offer satisfying items, including small, easy-to-install micro-market solutions.

Is your communal coffee pot always empty or dirty? Invest in a coffee vending machine with hot chocolate and espresso drink options. For bulkier options, rotating vending machines offer room for trays and platters. A refrigerated display can encourage at-counter impulse buys.

Betson for Your Vending Machine Needs

If a vending machine sounds perfect for your business, Betson offers a wide range of vending machines, vending machine parts, and technical services. As a family-owned business with sales offices nationwide, we’re here to meet all your vending needs. 

Our staff comes to the table with over 100 years of industry experience and will work with you to ensure you have the right product for your location and optimized for profits.

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