January 13, 2024

Benefits of Installing a Photo Booth at Your Business

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A photo booth has been a fun entertainment option for teenagers and families for years. But with the transition to everyone having a mobile phone in their pocket, you might think a photo booth seems old-fashioned. With new technologies and easy connections to the internet, photo booths now offer great interactive possibilities to entertain guests and drive traffic.

With social media integrations, consumers can print and share photos directly from the booth to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more in real time. Additionally, there are units in various sizes, so finding the right fit for your business is easy. 

A photo booth is a great purchase decision for event planners, route operators, and location owners, from shopping malls to bars, restaurants, and amusement parks. Our friends at Apple Industries have provided a list of the top benefits of installing a photo booth at your business.

Increase Revenue

Marvel Lab Photo Booth Closeup
  • Create a new revenue stream for your business/location
  • Increase profit (quick return on investment)
  • Drive traffic to your location or specific area within your location.
  • Increase visits from repeat customers
  • Offer a fun experience to your customers and increase loyalty
  • Extra entertainment options increase dwell time and, consequently, sales
  • New opportunities for birthday party rentals
  • Upsell from the booth (use 4th frame as coupons)
  • Create a selfie wall to encourage customers to use the photo booth and be part of the “wall of fame.”

Use Your Booth for Promotion

  • Use your photo booth experience to promote your location/business or brand via social media.
  • Try using the Photo Strip 4th frame* as a coupon to promote your products or offer discounts/special offers.
  • Photo booths can be a great marketing tool to promote your services/products or raise awareness of your brand via external decals/screens / 4th frame/ watermarks on large prints.
  • An excellent way to launch a new product is by wrapping a booth with the product branding/logo.
  • Create an attraction, a fun focal point at a corporate or private event / or drive foot traffic to your booth in a trade show.
  • A fun activity for guests/employees to bond together and post pictures on social media

Capture Email With Your Photo Booth

  • Increase your database by capturing email addresses from the photo booth
  • Email offers to your database
  • Build a community and loyalty by keeping in touch with your customers

Entertain Customers

Why would your customers use a photo booth?

  • Capturing a moment with a loved one or friends (Birthday, Valentine’s Day, time with a friend)
  • To have fun during a party: a great way to take group pictures
  • Corporate events.
  • Print a fun photo montage with your photo next to licensed characters and celebrities.
  • For nostalgia: Generations of consumers who grew up using the old-style photo booths.
  • Photo booths have better lighting and a better camera to print and share better selfies.
  • Share your great photo with friends and family on social media.

Some of the photo booth options to think about include:

Classic Photo Booths: These are the traditional enclosed booths you see at many events. They typically have a curtain or backdrop, and they may have props or other features like a touch screen.

Themed Photo Booths: These are designed to fit a specific theme, such as a movie, TV show, or video game. They may have props, backdrops, and other features related to the theme.

Digital Photo Booths: These booths create photos using digital cameras and printers. They may also have other features, such as sharing photos on social media.

Photo Booths that we carry.

Photo Studio Deluxe

The Photo Studio Deluxe is one of the market’s most interactive photo booth attractions. The monumental size and vibrant light show composed of over 5,000 LED lights will undoubtedly be an eye-catching attraction for any location.

Marvel Adventure Lab

Become part of a Marvel adventure! Choose from a wide range of covers and stories under Marvel product licensing. The stories and covers update automatically and have an authentic comic print finish.

Photo Studio Prism

The Photo Studio Prism is a compact and smaller version of the Photo Studio Deluxe that fits within more locations. Customers can enjoy 20 interactive videos and post them within fun scenes or “BeScene.”

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*The 4th frame is the last photo frame on a photo strip. Three photos are allocated to the end user, and the 4th space is for logo/branding/coupons, etc.