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Best Practices and Products for the Industry

BioCide 100

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses.
BioCide 100 is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial EPA-rated grade sanitizer effective against 99.9% of bacteria, fungi/mold, and viruses. After applying BioCide 100 onto a surface, the binding agents in the BioCide 100 formula attach to the surface, creating a long-lasting barrier reactivated by moisture or humidity.

This reactivation of the BioCide formula can provide a continuous microbial killing effect. This effect will vary depending on the surface, temperature, and how often the surface is handled.

Using BioCide 100 on medium-to-low usage touch areas such as buttons, coin-slots, and handles may have a persistent effect for two to four weeks after application. Non-traffic areas have demonstrated signs of an active and continuous killing effect for longer in high humidity structures.
BioCide 100 Gallon and Quart Bottles

FEC Safety Signage Kits

Posters, Signage & Decals.
Reopen your facility with ease and avoid the headache of printing signs and decals with our FEC Safety Signage Kits.

The kits include posters, signage, and floor decals available for any size game room – each piece is also sold individually.
FEC Safety Signage Image

Sneeze Shield

Protect Your Employees & Customers
The Sneeze Shield is custom built for retail, minimizes droplets, and is constructed from durable polycarbonate. Made in the USA.
Sneeze Shield Image

“Hands Free”
Sanitizer Station

Hands Free Operation.

Made in the U.S., the only surface a guest touches on the Hands-free Sanitizer Station is the foot pedal. The stations are built to hold a refillable gallon container that can dispense more than 600 pumps of sanitizing solution when full. The fully customizable station includes a large removable tray to prevent sanitizer solution from getting on the floor and allows for easy clean-up. 
Hands Free Sanitizer Station Standard and Custom Models

Social Distancing Dividers

Solutions for Your Social Distancing Goals.

Innovative pre-planned floor configurations.

Creative options including wedges, guards, panels and spacers to comply.

Unique solutions that work with your existing product.
Social Distancing Divider Image

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As states begin to reopen, it’s important that game rooms have the tools to reopen safely and communicate with customers effectively. Betson Imperial Parts & Services has launched several new products to help with this process.