Tundra Toss Angle

Tundra Toss Football Fury

Players throw footballs through a set of 5 LED lit targets of various sizes from approximately 5 yards away. Randomly throughout play, one target is lit green, indicating that the target is worth “double yards”. All targets are worth designated yards.

Item Number: BAYM 028782N


Tundra Toss Football Fury

Perfect your touchdown pass!
Whether you’re a seasoned quarterback or just a rookie trying to make it big, Tundra Toss Football Fury guarantees non-stop football fun. Hone your skills in solo play or invite some friends to challenge for the highest score.

In this timed game of skill, players toss as many footballs as possible at the changing glowing targets. Four targets are always glowing white; rack up the points by aiming for the one blue or green glowing target that is worth double points.

When playing against a friend, each player takes turns tossing footballs when their color is glowing on the target. Vibrant LED lights illuminate each ring and the front cabinet.

Who will emerge as the ultimate gridiron champion?

Product Specifications

Width: 5’ +1’7” for divider
Depth: 13’7”
Height: 13’5”
Weight: 1,618 lbs

Shipping: 2,074 lbs

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