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Token Eater

Token Eater / Redemption Center


Accessible large 19″ touch screen with an overview of exchanged chips & cards.

Accepts up to 5 different card sets.

Print a receipt with a total of collected points or put them on a swipe card (if the swipe card system is compatible with token eaters such as Embed, Intercard, Sacoa, …).

Gives bonus points if a “set” of collection cards is inserted.

Option to require a confirmation from attendant before paying out the bonus with service key or card (also with barcode)

“Book-keeping of points” & Transaction History

Combination: 2 sets => Superbonus

  • 19” touchscreen
  • Transactions history
  • Up to 20 different sets of collection cards eg WW, WOZ, …
  • Combination of 2 sets to receive the Superbonus
  • Redeem chips and cards and get a receipt or transfer to your card
  •  Single & double sided

Product Specifications

1 Player
Height: 64,75 inch

Depth: 21,50 inch

Width: 21,25 inch

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