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Step into the thrilling world of the Techni Claw. Will you be the master of the claw and win the ultimate prize, or will you keep coming back for more?

Item Number: ZOOM 028899N


Get Hooked on Retro Thrills with a Futuristic Edge: Introducing Techni Claw!

Prepare to be transported to a retro arcade wonderland with a modern twist when you encounter Techni Claw! This captivating claw machine blends vintage aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, creating an irresistible experience with players of all ages lining up for their chance to snag the ultimate prize.

Techni Claw isn’t just about grabbing loot – it’s about immersing yourself in a sensory symphony of:

  • Dazzling Lights: A vibrant light show dances across the machine, pulsing and swirling in sync with the gameplay, creating an atmosphere of electrifying anticipation.

  • Eye-Popping Graphics: Crisp, eye-catching graphics on the high-resolution display showcase enticing prizes and add to the immersive arcade vibe.

  • Thrilling Sounds: An exciting sound design amplifies the tension and rewards every triumphant claw movement with satisfying clangs and celebratory jingles.

  • Effortless Gameplay: Easy-to-use controls make Techni Claw accessible to everyone, from seasoned claw masters to wide-eyed newbies. Simply maneuver the joystick and unleash the claw with a button press – it’s claw-some fun for all!

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Built with durable metal and glass, Techni Claw is a reliable investment that can withstand countless hours of enthusiastic play.

More than just a game, Techni Claw is a profit powerhouse for your arcade or family entertainment center. Its irresistible combination of retro charm, modern technology, and engaging gameplay guarantees:

  • Increased foot traffic: Attract players of all ages with the nostalgic appeal and dazzling visuals.
  • Extended playtime: The fun gameplay keeps players returning for more.
  • Profitable potential: Maximize your earnings with optional ticket dispensers and prize configurations.

Ready to unleash the Techni Claw magic in your location? Contact us today and watch your profits soar as players embark on their quest for claw-some glory!

Product Specifications

Machine Size
36"W x 32.5"D x 89.5" H
Power W
110/220V 450W
Net Weight
338 Lbs
Crated/Skidded Dimensions:
Machine Size
42"W x 44"D x 88" H
Net Weight
414 Lbs

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