StepManiaX DX

Everything that players and operators love about StepManiaX is now available in a Deluxe cabinet featuring more than triple the amount of lights and an incredible 8-speaker sound system!

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Ignite the Dance Floor with the StepManiaX Deluxe Cabinet: Ultimate Revenue Revamp for Arcades

Ready to electrify your arcade and leave the competition in the dust? StepManiaX Deluxe is here, the ultimate dance game experience packed with features that boost engagement, skyrocket profits and keep players returning for more.

Unleash a Symphony of Excitement:

  • Immerse Players in Dazzling Lights: More than triple the LEDs compared to standard cabinets create a mesmerizing light show that syncs with every beat, pulling players into the action.
  • Feel the Thundering Rhythm: An upgraded 8-speaker sound system delivers crystal-clear audio and bone-crushing bass, transforming every song into a full-body sonic experience.
  • Touchscreen Simplicity: Navigate menus, choose songs, and adjust settings effortlessly with the intuitive 65″ touchscreen: no confusing buttons, just instant access to an endless library of tracks.

Effortless Operation, Maximum Profit:

  • 350+ Diverse Songs: Keep every dancer hooked with a vast selection of music across genres, catering to all tastes and skill levels.
  • Operator Control at Your Fingertips: Manage song lists, pricing, and more with a dedicated interface, ensuring your arcade experience is always on point.
  • Modern Hardware, Minimal Maintenance: Built to last with reliable components, StepManiaX Deluxe minimizes downtime and maximizes your earning potential.
  • Content Always Fresh: Free network connectivity provides ongoing song updates and content downloads, keeping the dance floor vibrant and exciting.

StepManiaX Deluxe isn’t just a game; it’s a revenue-generating powerhouse. Attract new players, keep them returning for more, and watch your profits soar. Contact us today and let the rhythm take over your arcade!

  • Free Mobile App (Android & iOS) provides Apple Health and Google Fit integration, allowing players to connect wirelessly and track scores.

Product Specifications

75" Width
95" Depth
94.5 " Height

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