Shoot It Win It

Shoot It Win It is a new and innovative prize redemption game from Sega.


Captivate & Convert: Shoot It Win It – The Prize Redemption Game That Puts Fun in Revenue!

Introducing Shoot It Win It, the game-changer from Sega that combines the thrill of the arcade with the allure of high-value prizes! Players unleash their inner sharpshooter with a fun gun controller, aiming at six targets below each prize zone. Knock down all six, and that coveted prize is theirs! Shoot It Win It isn’t just a game – it’s a profit powerhouse disguised as an exhilarating experience.


  • Fun prize shooting gallery experience
  • Simple, intuitive gameplay
  • 8 large prize positions
  • Quick and easy refilling
  • Motion and shelf cheat sensors
  • Digital bookkeeping
  • Brightly lit, secure cabinet
  • 100% skill

Product Specifications