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Sailor’s Quest VR


Sail the high seas on an immersive Pirate VR Adventure!


Set Sail for Adventure with Sailor’s Quest VR: Your Arcade’s Ticket to Piratey Profits

Ahoy, mateys! Prepare to embark on a swashbuckling journey into the heart of virtual reality with Sailor’s Quest VR. This immersive arcade adventure will set your business adrift in a sea of profits.

Ahoy There, Adventure Awaits:

Sailor’s Quest VR isn’t just another arcade game; it’s a portal to a thrilling pirate world brimming with daring exploits, mysterious islands, and mythical creatures. Players don their virtual VR headsets and become swashbuckling buccaneers, ready to conquer the high seas.

Immerse Yourself in the Buccaneer Life:

Get ready to feel the salty spray on your face and the wind whipping through your hair as you navigate your trusty ship through treacherous waters. Sailor’s Quest VR boasts a fully immersive VR experience with stunning visuals, realistic sound effects, and a captivating storyline that will keep players hooked from the moment they set sail.

Battle Beasties and Plunder Treasure:

But this pirate’s life isn’t all smooth sailing. Players must wield mounted laser cannons to fend off enemy ships, mythical Kraken, and other treacherous foes lurking in the deep. Each stage presents a new challenge, culminating in epic battles against monstrous end-level bosses that will test even the most seasoned buccaneer’s skills.

More Than Just Fun, It’s Profitable:

Sailor’s Quest VR isn’t just about sending players on an unforgettable adventure; it’s also a guaranteed moneymaker for your arcade. The thrilling gameplay, captivating visuals, and multiplayer capabilities (up to 2 players!) ensure players will return for more, filling your coffers with pirate bounty.

Here’s what makes Sailor’s Quest VR the perfect catch for your arcade:

  • Fully immersive VR experience: Transport players to a breathtaking pirate world.
  • Action-packed gameplay: Battle enemies, navigate treacherous waters, and conquer challenging stages.
  • Multiplayer fun: Up to 2 players can team up for cooperative buccaneering.
  • Eye-catching cabinet: A sleek, stylish design attracts attention and demands playtime.
  • Attendant-free operation: Easy to set up and maintain, freeing up your staff for other tasks.
  • Proven track record: A popular game in arcades worldwide, guaranteeing a return on your investment.


  • 1-2-player interactive VR game
  • Attendant-free
  • Action-packed gameplay; realistic graphics
  • Destroy enemies and find treasures
  • Upgraded HP Reverb VR headsets
  • Three display screens, surround sound
  • Motion platform, vibration speakers, wind effects
  • Includes safety features

Product Specifications

W63.4" x D110" x H101"
1610 lb.
Monitor Cabinet: 61" x 59" x 87"
Seat : 66" x 31" x 81"

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