Rush Pinball

Rush Pinball

Stern’s Rush pinball machines reflect a live Rush concert’s energy, excitement, and experience.  Players will travel with Rush through time in this epic music pinball adventure.


Relive the Rush: Unleash Your Inner Rock Star with Stern’s Pinball Symphony

Experience the Music, Immerse in the Journey:

  • Travel Through Time: Step into a time machine of iconic Rush tunes, from classics like Working Man and Tom Sawyer to epic journeys like Cygnus X-1.
  • Guided by Legends: Follow the voices of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Ed Robertson as they narrate your pinball odyssey.
  • 16 Electrifying Songs: Feel the power of Headlong Fight, the soaring spirit of Freewill, and the timeless groove of The Spirit of Radio.

Connect, Compete, Conquer:

  • Join the Network: Stern Insider Connected™ unlocks global challenges, leaderboards, and community features.
  • Manage and Mastermind: Operators control gameplay, track performance, and optimize machine settings remotely.

Beyond the Scoreboard:

  • Sculpted Excitement: Shoot pinballs through the electromagnetic Time Machine and explore iconic song-themed multiball modes.
  • Premium Precision: Elevate your game with the LE model’s motorized ramp, Clockwork Angels Clock, and custom subway system.
  • Encore Multiball Madness: Uncover hidden ball locks and unleash the adrenaline-pumping Freewill Multiball in the LE model.

Limited Edition Legacy:

  • Own a Piece of History: Only 1,000 LE machines exist globally, each with a numbered plaque and signed certificate.
  • Spectacular Showmanship: Witness breathtaking full-color spectrum playfield illumination with the LE’s Expression Lighting System™.
  • Exquisite Details: From the mirrored Clockwork Angels backglass to the custom guitar-shaped pinball armor, the LE is a collector’s dream.

Don’t Just Play, Rock Out: Stern’s Rush pinball machines aren’t just games but journeys. Feel the energy, hear the legends, and become a pinball master in this rock and roll symphony.

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