Power Puck Fever Side

Power Puck Fever


Multi-puck action air hockey table! Say goodbye to the ordinary, one-puck air hockey. In Power Puck Fever, you can play with multiple pucks simultaneously. This game-changing feature adds a thrilling new dimension to the traditional air hockey experience. The use of multiple pucks takes air hockey to a whole new level. It introduces complexity and excitement like never before, making every moment on the table an adrenaline rush.

Item Number: USPM 028555N


Experience the thrill of Power Puck Fever, the ultimate multi-puck action air hockey table! This fast-paced, competitive game offers an exciting gaming experience with its cool digital scoreboard and beautiful multi-colored lighting effects that set the stage for intense battles. The scratch-resistant playfield ensures durability, while distinct red and blue lighting for each player adds to the excitement. The automatic puck recycling system makes gameplay uninterrupted, and the dual ticket dispenser adds more fun to your gaming sessions. Get ready to test your skills and have a blast with Power Puck Fever!

  • Fast-paced competitive gameplay
  • Cool digital scoreboard
  • Beautiful multi-colored lighting effects
  • Scratch resistant playfield
  • Distinct red and blue lighting for each player
  • Uninterrupted gameplay with an automatic puck-recycling system
  • Dual ticket dispenser

Product Specifications

W93.5" x D61" x H67.5"

Weight: 574 lb.
8 units/ 20' container
16 units/ 40' container