Pop the Lock

Can You Pop The Lock And Win Big?

Pop the Lock is a fast-paced game where players attempt to hit randomly appearing yellow dots around the circumference of the playfield. Hit the yellow dot, and another one pops up. Great hand-eye coordination will aid players in skillfully hitting all 50 dots to Pop the Lock for the Bonus!

Item Number: 026532N


Pop The Lock is a new app-to-arcade video redemption game based on the popular mobile app of the same name. This is a single-button operation game where the objective is to press the button when the line is directly over the yellow dots. The idea follows the traditional arcade formula: “easy to learn, difficult to master.” This also means that it is 100% skill-based!

If you hit all 50 dots, you are eligible for the Bonus Jackpot prize. ‘Pop The Lock,’ and you’ll become a big winner!

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:
Width: 3'9"
Depth: 3'8"
Height: 8'1"
Weight: 400 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:
Width: 48"
Depth: 50"
Height: 84"
Weight: 500 lbs

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