Pop the Lock family fun amusement game picture

Pop the Lock

Can You Pop The Lock And Win Big?

Pop the Lock is a fast-paced game where players attempt to hit randomly appearing yellow dots around the circumference of the playfield. Hit the yellow dot and another one pops up. Great hand-eye coordination will aid players to skillfully hit all 50 dots to Pop the Lock for the Bonus!

Item Number: 026532N


Pop The Lock is a new app-to-arcade video redemption game that is based on the popular mobile app of the same name.
This is a single button operation game where the objective is to press the button when the line is directly over the yellow dots. The idea follows the traditional arcade formula of being “easy to learn, difficult to master.” This also means that it is 100% skill-based!

If you hit all 50 dots, then you are eligible for the Bonus Jackpot prize. ‘Pop The Lock’ and you’ll come out a big winner!

Product Specifications

Set Up Dimensions:
Width: 3'9"
Depth: 3'8"
Height: 8'1"
Weight: 400 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:
Width: 48"
Depth: 50"
Height: 84"
Weight: 500 lbs

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